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For almost two decades, Morris Chestnut movies have consistently spanned across multi-cultural demographics to satiate the cellulioid film desires of hundreds of thousands of revering fans. As Mr. Chestnut is an era icon, a typical "Morris Chestnut movie" can be seen in any genre ie., drama, romance, comedy, suspense, action-thriller, sci-fi, mystery, etc...  Many refer to a "Morris Chestnut movie" as one they can watch after a long day and just enjoy. This filmography highlights just some of the fan favorites, as described by respected film reviewers.    Enjoy....the Morris Chestnut Classics....


Roger Ebert review (excerpt)

"Boyz N the Hood has maturity and emotional depth: There are no cheap shots, nothing is thrown in for effect, realism is placed ahead of easy dramatic payoffs, and the audience grows deeply involved. By the end of "Boyz N the Hood," I realized I had seen not simply a brilliant directorial debut, but an American film of enormous importance." - Roger Ebert
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A Quintenssential Favorite

"If you ask me, it's impossible to not like a film that ends with the entire cast doing the electric slide to Cameo's '80s funk classic "Candy." But there's more to enjoy in The Best Man than its infectious full company closing dance number. First-time writer-director Malcolm D. Lee's fresh and fun ensemble comedy is a classy effort that delivers the requisite doses of laughs and romance along with a fair amount of intelligence." - Michael Dequina (
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Classic Battle of the Sexes

"Two Can Play That Game....should be treasured as a great date movie for the moviegoing public at large. It's got the kind of friskiness that makes you exchange glances with the stranger seated next to you because both of you know how many things it gets right about relationships. With as many twists and turns as this romantic comedy takes, you're sure to have a good time." - Blake French (
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"Parable of Strained Marriage"

"Not Easily Broken" gets under your skin, largely thanks to the appeal of Chestnut and Henson, who project both easy warmth and flashes of spiky temperament. They give their characters, who could have been mere billboards, genuine life and verve as they grapple with changing roles within their marriage and society at large."  ~ Ann Hornaday, Washington Post (
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Moving, Inspring Story of Education Desegregation

"This well-mounted film zeroes in on the personal story of Ernest Green, the only senior among the nine black students who integrated Arkansas' Little Rock High School in 1957. Faced with pressure from both his taunter and his peers, Ernest manages to survive a harrowing year with his courage and intellect intact. Morris Chestnut of Boyz in the Hood fame stars as Green, while Ossie Davis co-stars as Ernest's grandfather. Though produced for the Disney Channel, the dialogue in The Ernest Green Story is occasionally as raw and uninhibited as the subject matter demands."  ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi .
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Everyone Likes Mike

"A few hundred million dollars' worth of NBA talent, including Jason Kidd and Vince Carter (but not Michael Jordan), shows up in cameo roles. Morris Chestnut is appealing as the Knights' star player, who at first rejects Calvin and then slowly warms to him. The other kid actors are fine, not too cloying, and Robert Forster is a refreshing rock of integrity as the Knights' coach." - Gregory M. Lamb - Christian Science Monitor
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"Sex and the Single (or Married) Man"

"The screenplay's handling of the ticklish material involving father-son rivalry and Jackson's lingering bitterness toward a wastrel dad who abandoned the family is of a much higher order than its cartoonish portrayals of Jackson's friends. And the performances of Mr. Chestnut, Mr. Powell and  Ms. Lewis lend the characters' conflicted feelings of hurt, longing and love a real emotional clout."  ~ Stephen Holden, New York Times ( . (Click poster image to see film clip or trailer)


"It's all in good fun"

"The Perfect Holiday may be the perfectly tame,family friendly Christmas movie,... It's not trying to be anything bigger, and it does its job well. Single mom Nancy (Gabrielle Union) wishes for a man to just give her a compliment, so her daughter asks mall Santa Benjamin (Morris Chestnut) to bring mommy that man. Benjamin takes it upon himself to start a whirlwind romance, while Queen Latifah and Terrence Howard pop up as the spirit of Christmas and the total sourpuss respectively. Chestnut is fantastic with kids, smooth and respectful. That's a great image to show prospective's all in good fun" .  Fred Topel Yari film Group (


Honesty is the best policy

A criminal mastermind has set in motion a plan to infiltrate a high tech prison in order to persuade a death row inmate to reveal the whereabouts of $200 million worth of gold. It's up to an undercover FBI agent to stop him before it's too late. (imdb)  "The fight choreography itself it decent but is misused in a story that alienates the audience by its clunky pacing and artifice. Morris Chestnut is the only actor with any spark of life... " - Mark Pollard - ( (Click poster image to see film clip or trailer)


Runaway Train Action Thriller

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory is a 1995 American action film set on board a train traveling through the Rocky Mountains from Denver to Los Angeles. Directed by Geoff Murphy, it stars Steven Seagal as the ex-Navy SEAL, and Morris Chestnut as his reluctant partner. The film was produced by Seagal along with Arnon Milchan and Steve Perry. "It moves quickly, has great stunts and special effects, and is a lot of fun." -Roger Ebert ( (Click poster image to see film clip or trailer)


"A Misty-Eyed Tribute to Firefighters"

"An intriguing story about the fireman heroes we have know to love and respect hits the big screen with power. The film poses the question "What does it take for a man to run into a burning building when everybody else is running the other way? "Ladder 49" is an exciting, powerful film that takes a look at the ordinary men who face danger daily." - Entertainment Spectrum  (


"Golden cast of 'Breakin' All the Rules' works just the right magic to be fun flick"

"The best thing "Breakin' All the Rules" has going for it is its first-rate cast of Jamie Foxx , Gabrielle Union, Morris Chestnut and Peter MacNicol, four talented actors who've paid their dues and then some..."  - Beth Jones ( (Click poster image to see film clip or trailer)


"Beware of Albino Rocks!"

I you enjoy watching flying, bloodthirsty monsters chase people around dark places, you'll get a kick from the film. It's a thrill ride. Watching it, I felt like a 10 year old kid again, swooping my way down the Dolphin towards unknowable depths. Beware of albino rocks! - Keith Breese - AMC ( "


"Paved with a lot of charm and heart"

"Joe Kingman is a huge football star. He's got woman, money, and a good career. Everything is perfect for him. Then one day an 8 year old girl shows up at his door telling him that she's his daughter from a past relationship. " "The Game Plan is exactly what you expect it to be. It does the family friendly odd couple heartwarming comedy exactly the way it promises to." - Fred Topel (


"It's got the right mix of horror, suspense and camp..."

"A scientific expedition sets out for the island of Borneo. They are in search of a flower named the Blood Orchid. Reports say that this flower can lead to a longer life. But what they find inhabiting the rainforest of Borneo are a group of anacondas. But they aren't ordinary... the Blood Orchid made the anacondas longer, faster, and smarter. Now the scientists must find a way out of the rainforest by outsmarting, outrunning and outliving the anacondas."


"I always look for one quitter on the first day" - Chief Urgayle - G.I. Jane

"A movie that explores whether a woman has the grit, the strength and the nerve to survive Navy SEAL training, with a bald Demi Moore sweating, swearing, smoking cigars and fighting in head-to-head combat to prove that she can. " Christopher Smith - Bangor Daily News


"Slick Crime Caper"

"Sterling cast, in this instance almost entirely male, and the willingness of several talented performers to play against type, with entertainingly comic effect." - Andrew Smith - New York Observer